EH Private Bank switched from a .com to a .BANK #domain name

EH Private Bank has switched to a .BANK domain name, dropping its existing .com as the active domain.

Moving away from, the bank is adopting the domain EHPrivate.Bank.

Dot .BANK is a secure gTLD for verified financial institutions only. There are 2830 .BANK domains registered currently.

Said the bank in a press release:

Beverly Hills, July 17, 2020: EH Private Bank® (a tradename of EH National Bank) announced the adoption of EHPRIVATE.BANK as its new primary web and email domain.

EH Private Bank understands that now, more than ever, we need to ensure that our clients can easily verify that they’re interacting with their bank, and not a phishing scam or spoofed website. .BANK provides a “stamp of trust,” and a verified online experience for any client-user interacting or communicating with EH Private Bank.

“We’re very pleased to make this level of safety and security available to our clients,” says Chuck Thomas, President/CEO. “Seeing .BANK on our web and email addresses, provides our clients with peace of mind and assurance in their electronic banking experience with us. In today’s digital landscape, that’s more important now, than ever before.”

As a verified domain reserved exclusively for the banking community, .BANK is a more secure space for online banking and communication. .BANK is exclusively available only to verified banks that have completed a rigorous registration process. A web or email address ending in .BANK quickly and easily confirms for client-users that they are communicating and transacting with EH Private Bank, and not a ‘phisher’ or a spoofed site.

A .BANK domain is a visual cue that clients can look for and recognize; giving them confidence when interacting with their bank online. It provides protection from bad actors collecting data for breaches, financial fraud and identity theft.

.BANK represents an additional layer of protection for our clients and our information; as well as an indication of how EH Private Bank is embracing innovative technologies designed to ensure the safety, security, efficiency and convenience of our clients’ banking experience.

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