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Elections: Which candidate loves Domainers more?


After the 2nd Presidential debate concluded yesterday, there is no clear indication about who loves domainers more: Mitt Romney, or Barack Obama.

Both presidential candidates spoke about education, the economy and what makes small business tick.

And that’s where things got a little blurry.

While Mitt Romney’s vision is to keep taxes low across the board, in order to stimulate growth from the top down, Barack Obama insists that the rich should pay – substantially – more, thus expecting a bottom-up growth.

As small business owners, domainers are definitely being affected by the results of the upcoming elections. While Barack Obama has managed to stop the bleeding of the bad economy, he has achieved very little in creating jobs; more people are now unemployed than before, according to Mitt Romney.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney’s promises to create a wonderful new economy that will somehow bring the American Dream back on track, has little supporting evidence behind it. Mitt Romney’s privy about exactly how this is going to be achieved – short of printing money, that is.

Domainers aren’t really being loved by either candidate, because there is no direct tapping of the domain industry into the economy. Domaining is on the sidelines of every other sector, acting as a “leech” and not as a money-maker.

The only way for domaining to become a self-sufficient, strong part of the new economy, is to organize itself in ways familiar to other lobbies and industries. And for this to be achieved, certification standards must be defined and obtained by the members of the domain community.

If you are an undecided voter currently, you should consider voting for the candidate that best expresses your aspirations for the future growth of the overall economy; even if you need to sacrifice some time re-assessing your political values.

It’s the American thing to do.

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4 Responses to “Elections: Which candidate loves Domainers more?”
  1. jin says:

    ofcourse Romney love the biz more, obama sucks!

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Jin – I’d love to see exactly how you justify your statement. Did you make less money as a domainer during Obama’s tenure than with G W Bush?

  3. BullS says:

    DG- why don’t you ask them next Monday when they are in your neighborhood?

  4. jin says:

    since 2008, domaining just went downhill.

    in four years, obama only created NET 250K jobs, come on being presidents , is that it?

    Since 2008, the economy even got worse, same shit different day.

    Since 2008, Obama eats money from all those big money people to raise money for his campagins, who compete against small online biz, and take them out.

    Since 2008 to until 2012, obama stinks.

    Obama just enjoying his holidays whitehouse, its nothing more to him

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