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Elequa : Tapping the Chinese LLL .com and NNNN .com domain market


Elequa during NamesCon 2015 – Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

Elequa is a world-famous domain investor, whose investments include several premium and short domain names.

How short?

It doesn’t get any better than i.net, the private domain Registrar that manages many of Elequa’s domain assets.

Last year, Future Media Architects, the company founded by Elequa, temporarily lost several premium LLL .com domains during the Moniker security breach; those domains were subsequently recovered and were returned.

It seems that FMA – the acronym of Elequa’s company, Future Media Architects – has been tapping into the explosively expanding Chinese domain market for short and numeric domains.

The following three letter .com and four digit .com domain names from the FMA portfolio are now under Chinese management; changes in ownership have occurred from May 19th onwards, according to our research:

  • BHF.com
  • FQD.com
  • FQY.com
  • GZY.com
  • HNM.com
  • HQF.com
  • QDM.com
  • SYR.com
  • WGF.com
  • XWR.com
  • BDJ.com
  • CXJ.com
  • LKP.com
  • BHN.com
  • FGQ.com
  • HFM.com
  • MKX.com
  • CRJ.com
  • FBJ.com
  • NZQ.com
  • TKJ.com
  • 3107.com
  • 8257.com
  • 8713.com
  • 9215.com
  • 9236.com

While these domains appear to be under brokerage by two separate brokers in China, one thing is certain: Elequa is getting ready to harvest his domain investments at the very peak of the market.


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2 Responses to “Elequa : Tapping the Chinese LLL .com and NNNN .com domain market”
  1. adam says:

    “the very peak” ? Think so ?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Adam – I think the Chinese LLL .com market is due for a correction – as is the entire Chinese economy. Careful with hedge funds that invest heavily in China.

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