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EmperorCabs.com : Ticked off web master took over Emperor Cabs domain names


A web master who developed projects for a company called “Emperor Cabs” has taken over their domains, including EmperorCabs.com.

That act was justified, according to the developer, due to unpaid invoices for his work as a developer.

He has now set up a WordPress web site and people are commenting on his actions.

Hi Friends!

Hello and welcome to the new emperorcabs.com!!!
This is no Hack. I was the web developer/ designer for emperor cabs.
Also, emperortones.com, emperortone.com, emperoramps.com, emperordrums.com, emperorcases.com, and emperoramplifactation.com!!

I welcome you all!!

This is a fine replacement from the poor attempt of a business from before.

I am setting this up because the dumb-dumbs at Emperor Cabs has decided to start doing business again. But they decided not to pay on all their invoices. Instead ignore the people who they owe money to, in hopes it goes away…

Which is funny.

Because I own the sites. Could be bad publicity. Waiting to happen/….

If you want to try to buy the domains, give it a go, eh?


Boys, Pay your fucking invoice. Answer an email. I know I am not the only one you stiffed.

Not all comments are in support of his approach:

Very unprofessional on both sides. Thumbs down to you for being immature about the whole ordeal. Tarnishing the reputation of a small business is not the way to go.


I like your action, but “dumb-dumbs” and “fucking invoice” is poor standard and highly unprofessional.

Taking over a non-paying client’s domain is not something we’d recommend doing; that’s what the small claims court or other type of legal arbitration is for.

The domain EmperorCabs.com was registered in 2006, according to DomainTools.

Other related domains to the EmperorCabs.com under the web master’s control, seem to be the following:


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