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Enom retires blonde “backpack girl” student photo

Juanita Rodriguez - the new image of eNom.

Juanita Rodriguez – the new image of eNom.

Domain registrar eNom has retired its almost decade old “backpack girl” from its future parked pages.

The blonde stock photography subject, became an icon of expired domains, when it was first used by eNom eight years ago.

Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, not to mention that the original model got married and she has four kids now.

“We decided that the blonde image no longer represents a true depiction of what eNom stands for,” said company representative, Bob Smith.

America is a nation of co-existing minorities, and the fastest growing one is the Hispanic community,“added Smith.

It is obvious that eNom will be using the image of a typical Hispanic student from now on, something Smith confirmed.

“Correct, our new parked page model is Juanita, a typical 20 year old from Salinas, California. She’s a brunette of course, and curvy in all the right places. We won’t be using any anorexic images, no sir!” exclaimed Smith.

“Juanita Rodriguez is an A student, bilingual and a sophomore at Coleman University in San Diego.” said Smith, adding: “We went through hundreds of candidates before picking Juanita so I’m confident she will be with us for a long time!”

The first exclusive picture of Juanita, the new eNom “backpack girl”, has emerged for you to peruse.

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One Response to “Enom retires blonde “backpack girl” student photo”
  1. Alan says:

    I liked the blonde better. Juanita looks like she could lose a few pounds.

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