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#Equifax breach settlement .com : Visit this #domain for the class action lawsuit info

More than 147 million people had their personal information exposed in the huge Equifax data breach in 2017.

Victims can now check eligibility in order to submit a claim to recover money spent or lost as a result of the monumental hack.

The FTC stated this week that Equifax agreed to pay at least $575 millionup to $700 million dollars – to compensate victims whose personal data was stolen from the Equifax servers.

To check your eligibility and file a claim, visit EquifaxBreachSettlement.com. The official data breach settlement domain was registered last month, along with the .net, .org an .info as well.

If you’re a domain investor that qualifies as a claimant, your share of the settlement could include free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services; you might also be eligible for cash payments to cover expenses as a result of the breach, orย  free credit reports for a period of 10 years.

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