Equilibrium reached: Uniregistry rolling out dot .Creepy


Dot .Creepy will soon serve all your needs.

In an attempt to engage social media and bring equilibrium to its dot .Sexy gTLD launch, Uniregistry is getting ready to launch dot .Creepy.

“We had several complaints, from domainers and end-users alike, that not everything and everyone in life are sexy,” said Frank Schilling.

“At Uniregistry, we work hard to bring everyone pics of a matching tattoo, a guitar, a link and a photo, but since not everyone is sexy, there is the option for dot .Creepy,” added Schilling, smiling.

The launch of dot .Creepy will hopefully satisfy those domain blog commentators that assaulted Uniregistry’s first launch, somehow expecting every valuable keyword under the sun to be made available.

Many seemed to have ignored the fact Uniregistry, much like every gTLD Registry, are in this for profit – not for charity.

“No doubt that some might find dot .Creepy not creepy enough, but these are known trolls,” said Frank Schilling. “If you aren’t focused in life and don’t relax, you need some medication, bro!” exclaimed Schilling, smiling.

The Dot. Creepy launch is anticipated at the end of the school year, in order to give the teenage trolls something to spend their time on.


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