ERT drama continues: Greek government hijacks domain traffic

The theater of Greek bureaucracy is tragic!

The theater of Greek bureaucracy is tragic!

BREAKING NEWS: The Greek Council of State has decided that the public broadcaster should remain open during its restructuring, requesting that all ERT frequencies and websites be restored immediately. Source link.

The shutting down of the Greek national radio and television network (ERT) for reasons of restructuring, was met by immediate resistance by the agency employees and journalists.

The Greek government announced the immediate launch of the state media carrier under a new name, NERIT, but failed to register the obvious domain name,

The latter, was soon scooped up by self-styled bloggers, operating from the domain name, who used to broadcast a live television stream produced by sacked ERT employees. The Greek government chastised the broadcast as illegal and pirate.

In its original format, the blog was operated by journalist Socrates Giolias who was assassinated three years ago, in Athens, Greece.

As of yesterday, the web site is being controlled by the Greek government, that essentially instructed ForthNetmanagers of the .gr ccTLD in Greece – to reroute its traffic .

A quick look at the DNS records reveal exactly that:

The traffic of is controlled by ForthNet.

The traffic of is controlled by ForthNet.

Instead of a valid “A record” and a resolving IP, the domain is managed by ForthNet servers, operated by the Greek government.

This type of domain hijacking is politically motivated, as the Greek government was caught asleep at the wheel, having missed the opportunity to register the domain name. There is no official report that there has been an objection to the registration of the domain name, something that must be done within five days of the original registration, on June 12.

It is obvious that registrants of .gr domain names are now facing yet another good reason to skip the official ccTLD and opt for a registration instead.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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