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ERT drama: Greek Radio and Television employees circumvent NERIT.gr domain hijacking

Mr. GRandastic - Mascot of the GR.com Registry.

Mr. GRandastic – Mascot of the GR.com Registry.

Thank Zeus for the GR.com Registry! 😀

An ingenious move by sacked employees and European affiliates of the now dissolved Greek Radio and Television, is fighting back at the hijacking of a .GR domain by the Greek Government.

While all traffic for NERIT.gr is being null-routed by ForthNet managers of the .GR ccTLD, on command by the Greek government, the ‘pirate‘ streaming of television and radio continues.

All thanks to the GR.com Registry, that provide third level domains under the direct participation to CentralNic.

The registration of both ERT.gr.com and NERIT.gr.com domains is a smart, viable solution that places these domains outside the jurisdiction of the Greek government.

Both web sites provide the same audiovisual stream, so it does not matter which one you visit.

ERT is the former name of the Greek Radio & Television, and NERIT is the new proposed name of a restructured agency; the government, however, failed to secure the domain NERIT.gr.

There is pending litigation regarding the unconstitutional manner that the dissolution of ERT was exercised with.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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