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Escrow .com to offer payments in rupees, pesos, florins and other funny money


Escrow.com – the top escrow service used by domain investors to safeguard domain transactions – is expanding its financial foundation by adding several global currencies of lesser financial importance.

“After using the US dollar and introducing the euro, we are giving the opportunity to our members around the world to use their local currencies, no matter how weak their economy might be,” said Randee Mill of Escrow.com.

The introduction of Indian rupees, Costa-Rican pesos and Aruban florins will ensure no conversion fees occur when the payment originates in USD.

New $100 dollar bill to feature Rick Schwartz! Click for a larger image.

Domainer Dollars are not currently supported by Escrow.com

“The developing world needs to be embraced financially,” said Randee Mill.

“When a payment of $1,000 USD is converted to roughly 54,000 rupees, a good chunk of the conversion is eaten up by banks. We are here to shift that paradigm and are able to use a direct fund allocation escrow (DFAE) so that the seller receives their monies in the local currency!” exclaimed Mill.

Escrow.com was voted as the #1 escrow service in the known cosmos, for the 15th year in a row at DomainNameWire; while their polls are known to be rigged on occasion, we are certain this one is legit.

The new service is effective immediately; there are no plans to use Federation Credit or Dollarpounds, despite the numerous fans of Star Trek and Red Dwarf, respectively. Domainer Dollars might be added in the future, however.

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2 Responses to “Escrow .com to offer payments in rupees, pesos, florins and other funny money”
  1. John says:

    But still not sterling:(

  2. You know who says:

    Tattle tales!

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