Eventual.com: Aged domain name was sold by Telepathy, Inc.

Eventually, all domains will sell, even if it takes 20+ years.

Telepathy, Inc., a portfolio holder of high quality domain names, has sold the domain name Eventual.com.

Registered in 2001, the domain name Eventual.com appears to have been registered by Nat Cohen, founder of Telepathy.com. The earliest WHOIS records are from 2005 but Archive.org records as early as in 2002 confirm ownership by Telepathy, Inc. at the time.

The domain is currently under WHOIS privacy but it does resolve to an animated (video) lander with the word “EVENTUAL” on it. There is no indication about the current registrant’s information, however the hosted lander shares the same IP address as the domains thinkmart.in and turbinebot.com.

Meanwhile, the domain Eventu.al is operated by a Finnish company that uses this domain hack to present its crowdfunding services. They may or may not be linked to the company that acquired Eventual.com.

Congratulations to Nat for yet another solid domain sale!

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