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Exclusive – Brand New Policies for Registrations of Country TLDs go into effect in 2010

New regulations for holding domains from countries around the world.

New regulations for holding domains from countries around the world.

The recent policy change by China to require business presence for the registrants of .cn domains has spawned speculations that ICANN is preparing an onslaught of policy changes with regards to the registration of ccTLDs.

According to some sources, all such policy changes will go into effect some time in early 2010 and active registrants of such ccTLD domains will have to either comply with the new regulations or risk the abandonment of their ccTLD domains.

We managed to get hold of documents that describe the proposed changes for a number of countries and they are listed below – a DomainGang exclusive.

.af – Afghanistan
Registrant must denounce the US presence in the sovereign nation of Afghanistan. Free domain if you name your firstborn “Usāmah bin Muḥammad bin ʾAwaḍ bin Lādin”

.au Australia
Registrant must first pass 3 days of trekking in the Outback and photograph endangered species: kangaroos, koalas and Kylie.

.ba Bosnia and Herzegovina
Registrant must denounce their Christian faith and become a Muslim or provide proof they fought against Serbia in 1992.

.ca Canada
All Registrants must pledge their allegiance to the Northern Republic of Canada and its Protectorates, including Quebec. Additionally, they must proclaim their support of hockey, know how to shotgun beer and consume mass quantities of poutine.

.de Germany
Registrants cannot maintain German domains unless they are developed. DeNIC pushes for “DE Means Development” as the new motto for 2010. Comes with a free Sedo account.

.eg Egypt
If you reside in a country that possesses Egyptian antiquities in its museums, you must pay a 250% premium in order to register .eg domains. For more information, visit DrHawass.com

.fr France
Registrants of .fr domains should use only French content on their websites. If the domains are parked, only French ads must appear. A small package containing duck liver, ham and a baguette are delivered with every new registration of 100 bulk domains. Wine and cheese are extra.

.gr Greece
New registrations come with a small guide about Greece. An excerpt: “Greeks don’t shout ‘Opa!’ when flambee cheese is served. Feta cheese is served sliced, never crumbled. Greek salad should never contain lettuce. Never greet someone in Greece with an open palm towards their face.

.ir Iran
Registrants of .ir domains are considered Fighters of the Revolution. A small amount of enriched uranium is mailed to all registrants. All women registrants must cover their hair at all times.

.ru Russia
Registrants of Russian domains are monitored by the KGB. A chess set and an autographed photo of Anna Kournikova are sent as gifts.

.mx Mexico
The Mexican Registry authorizes individuals and companies to register domains between 9:00am to 5:00pm daily. The Registry is closed for siesta between 2:00pm and 3:30pm. Free taco with every 100 domains.

.ng Nigeria
Registrants of domains must hold a loaf of bread over their head and a sign that reads “419 Gang” and submit this photo to the Government for approval. Free suitcase containing $50,000,000 (fifty million US dollars) with every domain registration.

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2 Responses to “Exclusive – Brand New Policies for Registrations of Country TLDs go into effect in 2010”
  1. Cole says:

    As a Canadian my life is dedicated to combining hockey, beer and poutine in creative ways. Don’t forget the delcious beaver tail!

  2. pitbullstew says:

    You left out the one where Nelson Brady aka ‘halvarez’ ( the jackal) would be classified as an international persona non grata-outlaw to be arressted on sight and held for crimes against humanity for a trail to be held at the Hague.

    (to Cole? never had beaver tail but very much enjoy some split tail when ever it presents itself)

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