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Exclusive: GoDaddy Rubber Chicken “hands on” review


We recently saw a Facebook offer from GoDaddy advertising a 99 cent .COM domain, or the option to get a quality rubber chicken for the same price.

Such novel offerings are quite rare, and we could not turn down the opportunity to get the GoDaddy rubber chicken instead.

After we placed the order at GoDaddy.com using the coupon code GDRBRCKN2014, we were able to download the 3D model and began printing it.

The GoDaddy rubber chicken is simply amazing.

The GoDaddy rubber chicken is simply amazing.

Four and a half hours later, our 3D printer produced a great-looking, multi-tone rubber chicken, with ribbed skin and wide open beak. Our top of the line printer didn’t choke during the process, consuming just 1.2 lbs of material for the print.

Here are some key advantages of the GoDaddy rubber chicken:

  • Elasticity: The GoDaddy rubber chicken can be stretched to about 1.8 times its length, if needed.
  • Makes a great toy for teething puppies.
  • The colors are very appealing, even if one is color blind; for truly blind people, just touch the ribbed surface.
  • One can fit their fist, or other parts, inside the GoDaddy rubber chicken’s mouth quite easily.
  • For $0.99 you can’t beat the price and you won’t need to go through a maze of options to set it up, unlike with GoDaddy domains.

Overall, we believe this was a great buy and we recommend the GoDaddy rubber chicken purchase for 99 cents to everyone with a 3D printer and a few hours to spare.


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