Exclusive: The remarkable story behind the $138,000 sale of CreditCard.net

Roland B. Bleyer – the buyer of CreditCard.net for $138,000 – is a savvy businessman in Australia.

The credit market is still healthy in far-away Australia, as the remarkable sale of CreditCard.net proves.

The new owner of CreditCard.net, Roland B. Bleyer, is a partner of Credit World Australia – a credit card portal specializing in affiliate offers.

The seller, Yinan Wang, is no longer working as an active full-time domainer and webmaster as before; he started investing and working in the tobacco rolling paper business in China last year and he’s going to focus on this business.

In an exclusive interview to DomainGang, Yinan Wang states:

“The buyer originally reached me on April 2011 regarding this domain name. He contacted me from his business email directly.

I checked his websites, mostly in creditcard.net niche and all well-established. So I assumed this was an end user. But we didn’t get an agreement on price at that moment.

CreditCard.net receives around 3-5 inquiries per week after I made a for sale page for it, so I decided to hold. I decided to sell some of my domains to raise funds. I decided to try and sell CreditCard.net first and lowered the asking price to get the interest from clients.

The reason I decided to sell CreditCard.net is because I have other credit card domains e.g. MyCreditCard.com which is an established site.

I contacted several interested parties that sent serious inquiries in the past and I lowered my asking price to $150,000. Roland B. Bleyer is the first one who replied and we reached an agreement that the price would be $138,000 and I paid the escrow costs ($1,253). We closed the deal on September 15th in almost 24 hours.”

Roland B. Bleyer’s story is equally fascinating.

In 1995 he started web development in Los Angeles. A year later he focused on search engine optimization services and in 1997 he founded his first web development company in Australia. During the same year he built his first online shopping mall affiliate site.

In 1999 he founded Webology with a focus on IP development. Later on, in 2003, he returned to affiliate marketing.

Some of Roland B. Bleyer’s web sites include CreditWorld.com.au, Online-Shopping.net.au, CreditCardOffers.com.au and CreditCardApplication.com.au. He also leads PixelBrands, a web development company in Australia.

The sale of CreditCard.net is an inspiring story that shows how savvy business people are after keyword domains to expand their successful entrepreneurship and business.

Once again, congratulations to both parties of this remarkable domain sale.



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10 Responses to “Exclusive: The remarkable story behind the $138,000 sale of CreditCard.net”
  1. kandyjet says:

    Thanks, interesting story.. but creditcards.net would have been much much better imo…

  2. BullS says:

    “is a savvy businessman in Australia??” How can you HE be a savvy?

    DOT com is KING!!! or get dot co

    or dot org.

    Dot net is a spammy extension

  3. Lucius, here’s a suggestion. Move the 100% graphic to the top of the post.

    That way we know what is and what isn’t a figment of your famiglia’s imagination.

    You have six days to comply, or else… :p

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    kandyjet – CreditCards.net was sold for $118,500 in 2006. But congratulations, you made post 5,000 on DomainGang 😀

    Sammy – I’m gonna make you an offa…

  5. Ms Domainer says:


    I like happy endings.



  6. Ben says:

    Nice credit deal… Nice deal…
    We have CreditDeal.com is for sale?

  7. Tommy says:

    Nice deal on this name.. We also have been hearing that names like switchmycard or switchmy anything are realing getting hot.. Call to action names are killing it.. Great sale though on this

  8. Gnanes says:

    @Lucius Seller said that he got the domain for $35,000. Where did you get the $118,500 from?

  9. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Gnanes – That was the sales price of the plural version.

  10. Ο Τρύφωνας Σαμαράς είναι;

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