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Exhibitionists of the World unite on ChatRoulette.com

By now you’re probably familiar with the new time-waster, among the likes of twitter, facebook, tumblr and other platforms of so-called “social interaction” online.

It’s ChatRoulette.com and it should come with adult content warning.

Perhaps the 17 year old Russian who created the web site in order to randomly pair video conferencing individuals around the world, could not have predicted it’d take off so quickly – at least, among the ever expanding community of video exhibitionists.

But even if an exhibitionist attempts to violate the visuals of a stranger, hidden behind the anonymity offered by the lack of any login credentials, the ChatRoulette culture has apparently become the elite gathering point of masturbating males.

After loading up the web page and setting up your camera to send and receive video and audio, chances are that 24 times out of 25 you will be connecting with a guy; or more accurately, with a naked, jerking off guy in half of these instances – who displays no regard as to who will be on the other end of the connection.

You’ve been warned.

So be prepared to see a lot of cock, dick and willy, all while waiting to either curiously surf into the endless stream of individuals around the globe or while searching for a woman, for whatever reason.

Women are a rarity on ChatRoulette and when they do appear, they don’t manically masturbate or show their boobs, as some would hope. Often, they are in the company of others, men or women and they have zero tolerance for bullshit.

People tend to assume a persona online, especially when they expose their faces to strangers. To cover this facial “nudity” they wear some or all of the following items: hats, caps, hoods, glasses, bandanas, ninja scarfs, masks of the opposite sex etc.

The perception seems to be that by covering your face you magically become invisible all while being fully exposed.

Some of the fine species one will meet on ChatRoulette are:

  • Jerk-offs that expose themselves and masturbate
  • People that use camera software to cartoonize themselves
  • Kids that somehow were left unattended
  • Really old people – somehow septuagenarians were told it’s cool to be on cam
  • Teenagers making out
  • People that smoke bongs, cigarettes, cigars, weed. Nasty!
  • Drunks with several bottles of alcohol on their desk and on the floor
  • Chart holders asking for “Boobs” or keeping track of how many dicks they’ve seen
  • We saw a fat naked guy humping a raccoon stuffed animal!
  • Projected pornography videos or chick cams
  • A rare sighting of a real woman bored to the point of showing her boobs 😀

There are several websites already that simply post captures of faces of people that connect on ChatRoulette – so be warned that if you use it, your face – or your other body parts – will be on public display somewhere else, permanently.

What about all these masturbating monkeys?

CockSniffer (seriously now) is an interesting mac OS X application that upon connection can track the IP and geolocation of your “partner” and post it on the ChatRoulette Cock Map web site.

Just what we needed to know.

As the sun rises and the time zone activity shifts, you will notice Asians, Middle Eastern, Turks mixing with Europeans – Germans, Brits, French and Swedish. The US East and West coasts are present along with the sleepy midwest; often “hanging out” in this dudefest that – again – contains a lot of dick that one cannot avoid seeing in this random pairing.

After spending three hours aimlessly surfing the sea of people with the F9 key as our only compass, we felt fed up with the lack of any purpose in this random gambling of faces.

At least, a roulette has only 38 numbers – unless you are in France.

In its current form, ChatRoulette appears to be an addictive time-waster that serves little purpose other than to satisfy the voyeuristic and exhibitionist needs of people around the world and to offer a glimpse into the beginning of the Internet, when things were raw and seemingly unregulated.

But how many still remember Cu-SeeMe?

ChatRoulette much?

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4 Responses to “Exhibitionists of the World unite on ChatRoulette.com”
  1. BullS says:

    Like any websites, they are a bunch of BS…except domaingang dot com.

    What, more social networking sites, more SEO to create more BS jobs?

    Oh yea…that our green jobs…Mr.Obama

  2. Mario says:

    Exactly like you said it! Chatroulette is full of people that jackoff!

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Lots of creepy people on chatroulette.com
    I think I saw a couple of domainers LOL 😀

  4. Bob says:

    just registered ChattyRoulette.com

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