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Facebook.XYZ is down!


Facebook.XYZ has been down for most of the day today, according to various media sources.

On Twitter.XYZ the hashtag #facebookXYZdown was retweeted more than 2 billion times. Many distraught users visited IsItMeOrIsFacebookDown.XYZ to check on its status.

“It’s ridiculous that the world’s most important social medium, with 7 billion users has been down for the past 18 hours,” said Mary69Yo, while P3n1sPump tweeted:

“Where is Negari when we need him? Facebook.XYZ is down, do something dood! #WTFXYZ”

An hour ago, Daniel Negari appeared on MTV.XYZ, after an hour long interview on CNN.XYZ about the incident.

The 48 year old self-made trillionaire combed back his slick, graying hair and playfully rolled a hoverboard across the floor.

“You know, twenty years ago this would have been ok, but in 2034 it’s unacceptable and I take full responsibility,” said Negari, a firm smile cutting across his face.

“Facebook.XYZ must be accessible 100% of the time, without ever going down, and as the CEO of dot .XYZ – the most populous TLD in the world – I will make sure that things get fixed, just be patient!”

With more than 320 billion domains under management, XYZ became the world’s #1 gTLD in late 2028; the past six years have delivered incredible growth to the California-based company, expanding to London, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow and Moon Base Alpha.

Negari’s speech was retweeted 400 million times on Twitter.XYZ, and Vimeo.XYZ is offering a 16k immersive video version to its premium users.

If you can’t access Facebook.XYZ please do not be alarmed.

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