Fake domains? It’s the new trend!

Thanks to President Donald Trump’s obsession with “fake” news, the keyword is witnessing unprecedented fame.

Rick Schwartz acquired FakeMedia.com, and he’s not the only one playing this game.

Everything “Fake” is hot right now: Fake milk, fake chicken sold by Subway in Canada, even fake burgers. Not sure if the latter is made out of soylent green.

Don’t forget, that fake boobs will always be popular. 😉

Last and by no means least, HugeDomains owns FakeDomains.com – a real steal at just under $2 grand.

It seems that fake is the new real.

Guess what: FakeIsTheNewReal.com is taken – by HugeDomains as well.

Do you have any fake domains to sell?

Hat tip: Dale.

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4 Responses to “Fake domains? It’s the new trend!”
  1. Don W. says:

    If you read the caption before you saw the background, you “Might be a Domainer.”

  2. Join Domains says:

    Grabbed FakeElection yesterday

  3. Join Domains says:

    Taking offers on FakeNewsPhoto/s ……..cheers

  4. I registered FakeBroadcast and FakeBroadcasting. Both dot com.

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