Fashion Metric embraces latest burkini popularity with new clothing line

Fashion Metric, the brain child of domain investor and entrepreneur, Morgan Linton, is expanding its manufacturing with a new clothing line.

Inspired by the latest popularity of burkini in France, Fashion Metric’s unique and patented sizing algorithms will now embrace this untapped market.

“We’re always looking for fresh fashion metrics among the global population, and burkinis are both controversial and amazingly beautiful,” said Morgan Linton.

“By launching the Fashion Metric Burkini line, with the option to go full burka for the more conservative clients, we’ll be tapping into 98% of the world’s population, which is amazing!” exclaimed Linton.

The new metrics add a few inches of clothing range to the automatic manufacturing of custom-made clothing; both burkinis and burkas are worn by women who want to preserve their modesty when in public, for religious reasons.

“It’s a beautiful world made of beautiful people, let’s make some beautiful clothes!” said Morgan Linton, smiling.

The Fashion Metric Burkini and Burka sets will be ready for the Winter 2016 catalogue, ready to be worn in the summer of 2017. Here’s a sample page below.

For more information, visit Fashion Metric.

Fashion Metric - Winter 2016 catalog.

Fashion Metric – Winter 2016 catalog.

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