Fashion Metric at exclusive Apple event for iWatch & iPhone 6

There’s a reason that fashion metrics pioneers, Fashion Metric, were included in the TechStars 11 in Austin, this year.

The startup, founded by Daina Linton, is now one of the few elite fashion teams to be invited to the Apple live event, where both a new wearable watch device and iPhone 6 will be revealed.

“We are thrilled to be back in California for a short while, I absolutely love Austin, but I missed the occasional quake tremor in Cali, not to mention the much trendier dressing code!” exclaimed Morgan Linton.

“The Apple event will be absolutely fantastic, we are bringing along a team of videographers to track the most minute dimensions and movements of the Apple watch and of course the phablet sized iPhone 6,” added Linton.

By participating in the September 9 event, Apple bloggers and fashion professionals will get a first glimpse into the future.

Fashion Metric’s officers, Daina Linton and Morgan Linton will attend the event from the VIP cubicle, seated next to Apple CEO, Tim Cook. The Lintons fit the profile perfectly, as they are both fashion professionals and bloggers.

Who would have thought wearable technology would change the world so much?

Looking forward to the detailed reports, Morgan! πŸ˜€


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