Fashion Metric launches drone delivery of custom made clothing

Fashion Metric Drone Delivery

Fashion Metric Drone Delivery: It’s coming.

Fashion Metric is off the charts; a few days after securing a seed investment of $1,000,000 the Austin company is using part of the investment to launch a new service: drone delivery.

“What good is to measure your perfectly fitted clothes on an app or on the Internet, and not be able to get instant gratification?” said Morgan Linton of Fashion Metric.

“With Fashion Metric Drone Delivery (DD) we are shifting the paradigm of how start-ups in the field perceive the future of fashion, drones and retail. It will be awesome!” exclaimed Linton, who has yet to make a decision on a custom-fit logo for his blog.

The Fashion Metric Drone Delivery option will be included for free for the first 90 days of the service; after that, a $19.99 fee will be added.

Drone deliveries will include the following items at first:

  • Fashion Metric shirts
  • Pants
  • Khakis, shorts and underwear
  • Flif-flops, sandals, boots
  • Jeans up to XXXL

By launching Fashion Metric Drone Delivery, the company founded by Daina Linton is entering the upper echelons – pun intended – of custom fashion industry, a field that is exploding and is expected to reach $6.5 billion in sales by 2017.

For more information, visit Fashion Metric.


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