Fashion Metric: Official clothing provider for the 2016 Canadian Olympic team

Fashion Metric, the brain child of Daina and Morgan Linton, propelled to higher, snow-covered heights earlier today, after news of a national sponsorship came through.

Daina, a Canadian national, and Morgan, a Canadian at heart, disclosed that the Canadian Olympic team for the 2016 Olympic Games signed a clothing and apparel contract.

“We feel amazing, absolutely stunned,” said Morgan Linton, taking a break from watching the Winter Olympics of Sochi on CBC.

“The contract covers the entire gamut of men’s and women’s competition apparel, leisure apparel and underwear, for the next three Olympiads! We are so shocked here, absolutely thrilled!” added Linton.

Daina’s comment was short:

“Go Canada, eh!” she exclaimed.

The ever-busy couple is currently taking a break from hard work, until the end of the Sochi Olympics; after that, it’s back to working hard to design the next Olympic outfits for Canada.

Congratulations, Morgan and Daina, all the best! 😀


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