Fashion Metric rolls out ‘Uomo Domaino’ spring collection

Fashion Metric, the brain child of domain investor Morgan Linton, took the world by surprise in October of last year, when – along with TRAFFIC – they rolled out the first domain conference gear for attendees.

Earlier on, in September, the Winter 2012 Collection was received with open arms by renowned fashion designer, Andre de LaGaye, at a gala in East Los Angeles.

In 2013, Fashion Metric enters the emasculated fashion markettypically geared to metrosexual domainers – with a much anticipated thunder.

“A new year, a new collection – Uomo Domaino – what a better way to kick-start a superb demonstration of our talent,” said Morgan Linton.

“Our fabrics are imported from Egypt, North Korea and Peru, and custom-designed here in the United States by first and second generation Hispanic workers at an undisclosed factory in the California/Mexico border. We are determined to become the number one providers of comfortable, elegant and affordable clothing, custom-designed and sold entirely through the Internet!” exclaimed Linton.

The Uomo Domaino collection, or “domain man” in Italian, aspires to be a representation of the urban lifestyle of modern men investing in domains, the stock market and teledildonics.

“Every piece of clothing that we produced is wired and ready to jack into the Matrix and interconnect with other users,” said Morgan, presenting the Uomo Domaino collection from Fashion Metric. “We are taking fashion to a whole new level, so far witnessed only in cheap science fiction novellas,”added Linton.

Prices start from an affordable $75 for an artificial silk bandana, to $225 for a pair of really tight pink pants that your man-friend or boyfriend will love to wear to work. The entire Uomo Domaino catalog will be made available online later this week.


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