Father Domainicus: A call for an epic prayer during NamesCon 2021

Sunday Sermon with Father Domainicus.

Greetings and salutations my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus on the holiest of our days, Sunday.

Today I would like to raise a call for prayer, as a faithful member of our Domain Church, during the upcoming NamesCon Online 2021.

It is an event that will bring together thousands of domainers, male, female, and even male pretending to be female; the XYZ chromosome is a true variant of our world.

Our Domain Lord embraces everyone with love, and such it should be our response to everyone, even those that disregard the rules of online security and use weak passwords such as “123” for their root account.

During NamesCon Online, the primary domain NamesCon.online often presents a “security alert” to some of us, some type of browser glitch, I am certain, for those operating NamesCon Online are good people, knowledgeable people. They use strong passwords such as Ep!kf41L2021FTW and use a dedicated sysadmin on their network.

My domainer children, I pray daily for the sins of those “monsters” amongst us who cannot let go of their impulses and prefer to sway the crowds with false promises, lying to them and to themselves. I pray long and I pray hard, holding the blessed iPad tablet of ICANN high above my head in an honest, silent conversation with our Domain Lord.

I urge each and everyone to pray together during NamesCon, thousands of domain investors should pray for salvation and absolution from our sins, in a cumulative prayer of epic proportions.

May the devils possessing those in charge of domain registrars be hunted forever into the depths of hell, may the light of truth arise, and may everyone bid during the domain auction at NamesCon.

Until we meet again, I leave you with a strong, manly hug and a lingering kiss on both cheeks.

~Father Domainicus.

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