Father Domainicus: A day of mourning for Italian Domainers

Father Domainicus teaches us to rise from our own ashes.

Greetings, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus with a message to all Italian domainers.

As you may know, in the noble sport of soccer, Italy received an ego-crushing loss to Spain; four goals to none.

A lot of domainers from Italy confided in me that they could not face the world, after this defeat.

So here is the sermon of the day: rise from your ashes, like a phoenix.

When a devastating loss is sustained, the human thing to do is mourn it. Of course, if it’s money that it’s lost, for example through a bad domain investment, it’s easier to move on.

When Rick Schwartz lost 96% of his Flowers.mobi investment, did he remain at that level? Absolutely not.

It’s harder when sports are involved but unless you are a bookie placing an 80 to 20 win of Italy, you should be ok. Domainers are stong and learn from the lessons of our Domain Lord.

A word of advice to our Spanish domainers as well: keep in mind that a victory is often followed by an equal defeat. It’s the nature of all humans, especially in domaining and soccer.

Leaving you with a brotherly pat on your soccer bottom shorts, by which I declare the end of the European Cup for 2012,

~Father Domainicus

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  1. duras says:

    tra due anni!11

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