Father Domainicus and the private #WHOIS debacle

WHOIS privacy is legit, says Father Domainicus.

Greetings, my domainer brothers and sisters, this is Father Domainicus, and I’ve returned to eulogizing the masses.

Oh, how I’d love to say I’m composing this domain Eucharist from a sunny Florida!

Alas, our weather is projected to be rainy throughout the upcoming Labor Day weekend – do peruse the latest updates to the path of hurricane Dorian, and may our Domain Lord keep you safe.

I received a few hand-written letters recently, one of which caught my attention. Says our faithful reader:

“Beloved Father Domainicus, peace be with you. A recent debacle about the reasons for using WHOIS privacy appears childish to me. If the service is available for free, for example, at Uniregistry, why shouldn’t I use it? If I do, am I condemned by the Church?”

Such questions indeed make me ponder on the motives of those who raise the issue among the faithful. Quite often, curious individuals attempt to discredit established members of our community, spreading hatred and spewing words that split our Domain Church.

In other words, evil satan’s pawns are questioning the legitimacy of WHOIS privacy. Whether it’s a paid add-on service at GoDaddy, or a free feature at Uniregistry, I have to say that domain investors should use WHOIS privacy without any concern.

Would you jump off a small airplane without a parachute?

Some people of lesser intelligence would, but they end up becoming fertilizer in some poor farmer’s yard. In the same sense, not using WHOIS privacy exposes you to the elements of the Internet: spammers, hackers, curious George types, or the jealous competition that can easily create reports on the domains of your portfolio, and sell them to your potential clients.

My domaining children, satan’s followers that question the gift of WHOIS privacy are laden with jealousy and evil thoughts. Sometimes, they can be returned to the right path of our Domain Lord, but medication is needed – if not, a lobotomy!

To reiterate the obvious: Use WHOIS privacy to your heart’s content. It’s not only permissible, it’s strongly recommended by the Domain Church.

Until our next rendezvous, I kiss you lightly on both cheeks and give you a brotherly embrace.

~ Father Domainicus.

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