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Father Domainicus and the surge of premium domain names

Father Domainicus on premium domains.

Greetings and salutations, my domainer brothers and sisters – this is Father Domainicus, on a fine Sunday before Memorial Day.

In recent months, I have been withdrawn to cater to matters of our Domain Church, but rest assured that I am diligently working behind the scenes for the benefit of our great domain investor community.

Onto today’s ecclesiastical theme.

Many a domain investor asks me, Father Domainicus, what are premium domain names?

That is a beautiful question which deserves an answer that settles once for all the issue related to what constitutes a premium domain.

My domaining children, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, per these beautiful words of our Domain Lord in Domaincclesiastes 4:20:

“Rest thy eyes and thy heart and thy soul onto the beauty that arises the fruit of thy loin…”

Isn’t this beautiful?

In this metaphorical allegory of soulful arousal, our Domain Lord prompts us to focus on the very niche domain market that fits our inner voice.

Do you prefer .ME ccTLDs? Then they are the premium domains of your choice.

Are you a .org lover? Focus your attention on that niche.

Do gTLDs fill you with happiness and gaiety ? Then by all means spend your money on .SEXY and .CLICK by Uniregistry. Or .PIZZA from Donuts.

There is not a single road to happiness, and there are many forks along the way.

Thus, anything on either side of a dot can be premium, and this should be your domainer mantra from now onward, to eternity and beyond.


Leaving you with a kiss on both cheeks and a loving embrace that lingers long enough to cause a split second of awkwardness. Until next time,

Yours truly,

~Father Domainicus.

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