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Father Domainicus and the #WHOIS travesty at #GoDaddy

Father Domanicus – Our channel to the Domain Lord.

Greetings and salutations, my fellow brothers and sisters in domaining – this is Father Domainicus, tapping away on my laptop this chilly Florida evening.

By “chilling” I refer to temperatures in the 50’s, which generate no snow flurries, but can cause plenty of shrinkage under the frock, when riding a bicycle outside.

I was having a splendid week, until some members of the Domain Church began messaging me on Telegram and Twitter.

Their messages were filled with frustration, as GoDaddy is going to cut off public access to port 43 and WHOIS will never be the same again.

Why should you care?

The WHOIS tool is built into the Linux system, and other operating systems, directly querying the information of a particular domain name.

Domain investors have many valid reasons to automate, within reason, these queries: they want to update their domain portfolios, or to refresh data every so many weeks, or to generate and export information for their own private use.

Now, GoDaddy will explicitly require that if you own a domain, and want the WHOIS tool to present its full info as before, you’d have to email them and opt out of this port 43 block.

What an outrage!

I had to consult the holy books of our Domain Church, and came across this passage from Domainclessiastes 2:21 that states the following:

“If a stranger seeks the path, treat them like a brother, and offer direction around the dangers of the land. Do not behave thyself as the Sodomites behave, behind the gates of Sin.”

What a wonderful text by the pen of our almighty Domain Lord, and please allow me to explain its meaning, using modern terminology.

Information knowledge, in our time, is paramount; if we restrict it from one another, we have nothing that distinguishes us from the Sodomites, who did unholy things behind closed doors – I shall not mention exactly what they did, but you can most definitely Google it, using a VPN and a private browser for your safety.

By being open and sharing the beauty of information, we are embracing each other as brothers and sisters, as children of our Domain Lord who preaches love across the world.

GoDaddy is being selfish in shutting off DomainTools, a beautiful utility that shares information on domain ownership. I do not blame them for being selfish, but I cannot embrace them any longer in our congregation, and I ask you to reconsider what would be beneficial for your future prosperity as an intelligent domain investor.

And that’s all for now, I leave you with a playful squeeze of both cheeks, and a promise to renew our educational rendezvous for next week.

~ Father Domainicus.

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One Response to “Father Domainicus and the #WHOIS travesty at #GoDaddy”
  1. Hello Father Domainicus,

    Your words of truthful Wisdom, place you at the Alter of God. We pray and request that Domainers of all Beliefs take notice. JAS

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