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Father Domainicus: Apple and other rotten fruit of Domaining

Apple's founder worshiped the Beast.

Apple’s founder worshiped the Beast. Don’t do the same.

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus, delivering the message of our Domain Lord on a fabulous Sunday afternoon.

During the numerous congregations of our Domain Church, many a domainer investor ask me, “Father Domainicus, what is your position on the technological revolution of smart phones and other wearable devices?”

My domaining children, in the old days of our parish, the notion was that any device allowing oneself to speak without displaying their face is the work of the devil. These days, anyone not whipping out their 4-inch, or 5-inch, or 6-inch plus phablet during social gatherings, is looked down upon by their peers.

Many of you aspire to become full time domainers, having plowed the land hard for years, and germinated the soil with your sweat. Alas, a bigger device, such as the newly announced Apple iPhone 6+ does not arrive with a bigger density for your gray matter and other cranial cells. It’s only what’s inscribed on your DNA that matters.

The more you crave the latest technological toys, the deeper in the pit of technological slavery you dwell. By ditching a manly Seiko watch for the latest fad in blue-tooth tethering, you enslave yourself to the Machine.

As our Domain Lord said, in Dominions 6:18:

“Let be no man or woman or child bearing the Mark of the Beast, for it is the work of evil and the voice speaketh forth is the voice of satan, and the beasts of hell commanding thy life”

In other words, my brothers and sisters in domaining, it is fine if you are an Apple fanboi, but don’t push this alleged success of a company that utilizes underpaid, “slave” labor in China and pays no US taxes onto the rest of the community. It just makes you look like a merchant peddling rotten fruit.

Wear your Seiko with pride – or Rolex, if you are a wealthy domain investor that casually donates 10% of their earnings to charity. It is the proper approach as an intelligent human being; support open source and use Android.

Looking forward to our next meeting in the coming weeks; I hope your days ahead are full of joy and blissful success.

~Father Domainicus.

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