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Father Domainicus and the Domain Church of Brazil

Greetings and salutations, my domainer brothers and sisters; this is Father Domainicus with an important message on this splendiferous, sunny Sunday.

As you may be well aware, a full week ago, our congregation raised awareness to an important event, particularly suited for the unmarried members of our Domain Church, that are attracted to Brazil’s culture.

No, brothers and sisters, I do not mean soccer, as we had plenty of that aimless sphere kicking for a full month already.

My reference was to Miss Bumbum 2014, the cultural extravaganza that takes place in the heart of the Brazilian winter, and which has finally entered its voting round.

Brothers and sisters, I emphasized “finally“, because it took 7 days for the Miss Bumbum 2014 engineers to fix the glitches caused by immense traffic, rendering the web site useless.

What a blow this must have been to honest voters in the domaining community!

It didn’t help much that the Huffington Post covered the event as well, something that they are known to do when paramount cultural exchanges are happening. But now it’s ready to accept your votes, starting this fine Sunday, the day of our Domain Lord.

Simply visit the MissBumbum 2014 web site and may the Domain Lord guide you along, so that you vote for Miss Bumbum 2014 with your hand placed firmly onto your heart.

Some of you emailed me asking, “But Father Domainicus, isn’t ogling the scantily clad posterior of a woman a cardinal sin?

My domaining children, there is nothing more beautiful than the human body – male or female – in its most natural form, devoid of any clothing.

Our Domain Lord created us naked, and we are still born this way. Additionally, during confession, if you so feel inclined, I shall absolve you from any sins with a dozen Hail Marys.

I bid you farewell until we meet again on a fine Sunday. Now, go vote.

~Father Domainicus.

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