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Father Domainicus: Domainers cannot remain neutral

Father Domanicus - Our channel to the Domain Lord.

Father Domanicus – Our channel to the Domain Lord.

Greetings and fatherly salutations, my domaining brothers and sisters – this is Father Domainicus with a late Sunday sermon on this fine Mother’s day, as celebrated in the Western hemisphere.

Many a domainer skeptic have approached me with a very straightforward question, for which they deserve a straightforward answer.

“Father Domainicus, what is this Net Neutrality we’ve been hearing about lately on the internets?”

My domaining children, it is with fatherly love that I shall first correct this question, for it is the “Internet” – singular and capitalized – and not this “internets” vulgarism.

Alas, technology progresses fast; one day you’re using a VCR, the next your blue-ray DVD is obsolete.

It’s the same thing with the Internet connection and access: first we had dial-up, then a glut of pornographic chatrooms on AOL, and finally cable and DSL so that we can congregate with other members of our Domain Church remotely.

These days, the word of our Domain Lord reverberates from times long passed by, as quoted in Domainclessiastes 5:33:

“And treat thy mother and thy father equally, for they contributed equal portions of your being upon conception in holy matrimony.”

These words of wisdom form a pure analogy in today’s society: Regardless of where one connects to via the Internet, the connection should be treated equally, not through a faster pipe if it’s Netflix that has paid the fiber carriers a special fee.

Net Neutrality affects us all: we don’t want Domaining.com to appear slower, just because Brother Francois won’t pay the extortion fee to Comcast. We want Sports Illustrated to remain free and not levy an exorbitant fee because Time Warner Cable wants to get blood money from those that ogle ultra thin women in outdated bikinis.

My brothers and sisters in domaining, it is time to respond and grab the bull by the horns, voicing our desire to be treated equally; just as the Domain Lord treats all of his children with the same kind of love.

I leave you with a link to a beautiful article by Brother Jason, who is not only a man of the cloth, but also a man of the law – and this is a wonderful combination.

Until next Sunday, stay classy and keep loving each other, long time.

~ Father Domainicus.

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