Father Domainicus : Have you received the Evangelion about .Blog domains?

The domain end is near, says Father Domainicus.

Father Domainicus.

Greetings and salutations, my domain brothers and sisters – this is Father Domainicus on a chilly, nippy Sunday here in Florida.

As it has been the custom for many years now, as a servant of the Domain Church I am often asked questions by domain investors.

Regardless of whether these inquiries involve our domainer faith, pleasures of the flesh, or upcoming gTLD domain names, I do not discriminate.

Indeed, many a domain investor have asked me recently about the launch of dot .Blog domains by Automattic, makers of WordPress. This event will take place tomorrow, November 21st.

As you may know, my domaining children, WordPress by Automattic is basically a free content management system, a platform, if you may, upon which many online publications and web sites build their content.

Alas, for the makers of WordPress, it is offered for free. Automattic doesn’t make any revenue from direct use of its software.

Perhaps, in accordance to the teachings of our Domain Lord, who spoketh thus in Domainicon 5:22 :

“Giveth the produce of your work and shareth among the faithful the fruit without expectation of shekels, and blessed thou shalt become.”

What a beautiful statement by our Domaining Father, who asks us to freely share what we create without any demand or expectation of a reward!

Now then, Automattic is a company with expenses, employee payrolls and the like, so they decided to roll out dot .Blog domains but keep the good ones to themselves.

In this manner, they will be able to enjoy some monetary reward for their $19 million dollar investment in the dot .Blog gTLD.

As Brother Konstantinos revealed in his recent Evangelion, Automattic did so because they can.

Alas, my dearest brothers and sisters, dot .Blog domains will be worthy to you, only if you expect your domain registrations and investments to be in the form of BobbyBuggins.Blog or SomethingLongAboutASubject.Blog.

In true ironic analogy to the 30 shekels Judas received for his betrayal, those dot .Blog domains will cost you $30 dollars each.

Leaving you with my blessings and a brotherly kiss on both cheeks, renewing our rendezvous for the near future.

Be good, be vigilant, behave.

~ Father Domainicus.

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