Father Domainicus: After Thanksgiving, time to Qetchup!

Qetchup - a great card game created by a domainer.

Qetchup – a great card game created by a domainer.

Greetings and salutations, my domainer sisters and brothers – this is Father Domanicus returning after a short hiatus from the festivities of Thanksgiving.

Let me tell you, what a glorious day it is here in the sunny state of Florida, the headquarters of our Domain Church.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I am typing all this at my back porch, enjoying an afternoon glass of fine brandy and some delicious turkey cold cuts.

Speaking of Thanksgiving delicacies, I hope you are keeping an eye on your waistline, for domainers are prone to witness their posterior expand, or worse.

For that matter, there is a fine new card game produced by a fellow domain investor, Alistair Banerjee. The Chicago resident, has created a great game for kids and adults alike, called Qetchup.

This nifty card game teaches young kids and old, respectable men of the cloth such as myself, how to understand nutrition and the different food groups, all while we munch on a cold turkey leg. Delicious.

Alistair produced the game for his kids and has even acquired a trademark for it. Qetchup has been receiving rave reviews from numerous moms and dads who didn’t have to empty their wallets or fight during Black Friday in order to purchase it.

For more information on this splendid and colorful card game created by a domainer, do visit Qetchup.com.

I shall be renewing our Sunday appointment for next week, in the meantime, have a splendid turkey sandwich.

~Father Domainicus

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