Father Domainicus : THE Domain Conference and the Church of Latter Day bloggers

Father Domainicus discusses the sins of necrophiliac domainers.

Father Domainicus discusses the sins of Latter Day scribes.

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus on a cool, breezy day in Florida.

Many a member of our congregation asked me about deducing the success of domain conferences  by the number of participants.

Our Domain Church encourages the participation of members in every gathering that will benefit the Church as a whole.

As such, vile attempts by certain non participants of THE Domain Conference to lower the importance of this tremendous congregation, are depictions of their morality – or shall I say, lack thereof.

Many a moon ago, our Domain Lord spoke of the “Latter Day” bloggers, in Domainclessiastes 7:20, as such:

“Contempt to those that sow the seeds of dichotomy, for they are not speaking my Word; the Latter Day scribes, who reside in Sodom and Gomorrah upon which they seek their shekels.”

What a beautifully presented thesis from our Domain Lord!

Allow me to expand it for your full understanding, as many a time, language presents ambiguity when not spoken in the parlance of current fashion.

Our Domain Lord was aware of those opposing his Word, and who only have bad things to say for anything that is not financially rewarded. These charlatans – the Latter Day scribes – demean the importance of effort, and through their unethical practice only write good words when the object of their criticism pay a monetary tax.

Shameful practice indeed.

Returning to THE Domain Conference and its achieved gathering, I would like to thank Father Neu and his excellent group of assistants, for engaging with fellow members of our Domain Church in such a pious manner. THE Domain Conference remains a great representation of healthy merchant activity for our domain community.

My domain children, may your October days be filled with joy and celebrations, and the occasional litre of absinthe to expand your domain horizons.


~Father Domainicus.

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  1. HOWARD Neu says:

    Bless you, my Child. For you have not sinned.

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