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Father Domainicus: The Domain End is Near

The domain end is near, says Father Domainicus.

My dearest domainer children, this is Father Domainicus and I welcome you to yet another Sunday sermon.

This time, it’s so early that the birds are still asleep – all while the ever-busy domainers are still awake testing out keywords and analyzing PPC conversion charts.

I know how you want to be successful and produce lots of revenue to finance your next domain investment, your niche verticals and your Somalian TLDs.

But I have to urge you, my domainer children, that the End is quite near.

Which end, you might ask, and not without a certain flutter of fear in your heart.

It seems that pretty soon, the IPv4 pool – the available IP addresses – will be depleted. Some say, by the end of 2011, others are predicting chaos and a global war for IP address domination. New domain registrations won’t come with a separate IP and when Google blacklists that IP, it will be an epik fail. Mark my words.

It’s almost as if the Mayans were right about December 21, 2012.

There is hope, however, as I daily pray to our Domain Lord for forgiveness and to receive his blessings on all things related to technology and domains. Unlike some vicious haters that wish only evil and destruction on the so-called “cybersquatters“.

So be very wary of anything long-term regarding domain investments. Count your blessings and develop what you have. And by that, I don’t mean any quick and dirty slap-up jobs either. Instead, invest in full-scale domain development – that’s the orthodox way commanded by our Domain Lord!

With love and compassion, I salute you.
~Father Domainicus

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3 Responses to “Father Domainicus: The Domain End is Near”
  1. BullS says:

    Wow–I better get my A**s in developing my sites.

    Will I be sinned if the site is not dot com and XXXX rated?

    Oh Father help help me…..for say I do not want to go to Domain Hell, I want to partake with the 72 Domain Virgins.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    BullS – As long as you keep growing those peach trees and giving the fruit to your neighbors, there is hope 😀

    Also, please consider donating to the fund for the relief of the Australian flood victims.

  3. BullS says:

    Hallelujah— I met one of the deeds, so I get 36 Domain Virgins.

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