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Father Domainicus: The illuminati of SOPA are at the Gates!

Father Domainicus: The Church of domainers is in danger by the illuminati SOPA creators!

Good Thursday morning, my brothers and sisters in Domaining. This is Father Domainicus with an urgent message to all.

The illuminati behind the attempt to dissect, divide and destroy the online network blessed by our Domain Lord are at it again.

The SOPA bill that sent millions of Wikipedia visitors overcome with final exam anxiety to a black page, shows you how important is the Internet. Touted by most students as the ultimate and only place to do paper research, the Internet is about to be shut down by the SOPA bill illuminati creators.

Our Church does not approve of the illuminati status of those that have deviated from the True Domain Word.

As our Domain Lord has said repeatedly, numbers do not lie and salvation comes in the form of non-pigeon domains.

As long as you tell your Senator, your Pastor or your favorite Publix sushi maker about the illuminati of SOPA, we stand a chance to prevail over the forces of evil that is SOPA.

I ask that you act upon your domainer convictions now before it’s too late. Our domain Church and its parish are in danger.

Leaving you with a brotherly kiss on both cheeks,

~Father Domainicus

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