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Father Domainicus: Those that register the URL of a 3 year old are evil

Father Domanicus - Our channel to the Domain Lord.

Good Sunday evening, my brothers and sisters in domaining. This is Father Domainicus with a short and sweet message.

As I pulled my chair in front of my computer, despite having mowed the lawn earlier at the local church festival, I could not help but ponder on the evil in people.

Some sassy lass from Montana who goes by the name of Reverend Crystal Cox, registered the full name of IP attorney Marc Randazza in a dot .com as she did not like Marc Randazza’s role in a defamation lawsuit case she lost.

Reverend Crystal L. Cox is now asked to pay $2.5 million dollars as restitution and she appealed; in the meantime she decided to keep herself occupied by registering some more domain names.

Now, forgive me for having to repeat some severely uncouth words, but on top of registering MarcRandazza.com she also felt compelled to register MarcRandazzaSucks.com and FuckMarcRandazza.com, according to my kind friends over at DomainTools.

It sickens me knowing that a person using the title of a Reverend would stoop to such lows, but the evil acts of Reverend Crystal Cox, who calls herself an “investigative blogger” do not end here.

Reverend Crystal Cox also went ahead and registered the name of Marc Randazza’s wife, Jennifer Randazza, and that of their 3 year old daughter, Natalia Randazza.

Now, I’m all about freedom of speech and the like, but our Domain Lord proclaims:

“Thou shalt not violate the nature of an innocent child, nor their name, regardless of the anger in thy heart.”

By registering the name of Marc Randazza’s 3 year old old daughter as a .com, Reverend Crystal Cox goes beyond “investigative blogging” and into the realm of inhumanity. I could also use the term “batshit crazy” but I have no such permission by our Bishop.

You can read more about Marc Randazza’s plight at his blog, The Legal Satyricon.

I leave you with a brotherly kiss on both cheeks.

~Father Domainicus

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