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Fidgetium spinners : How domain brands are made


Fidgetium spinners.

The new market of “fidget toys” has yet to peak; the spinning fidget widgets are used to occupy one’s idle hands, and perhaps entertain.

Generic phrases such as FidgetToys.com or FidgetSpinners.com are long gone, so how would one go about joining the “fidget” mania crowd?

By inventing a new brand, of course.

Fidgetium, and its matching domain, Fidgetium.com appears to be one such case.

They cater to those who want to show off their fidget spinners, using the motto “Bring some class to your restless hands.”

What is so special about the Fidgetium spinners?

There is a gold-plated version, and two more models that appear rather luxurious, as opposed to the cheaply-made stuff sold for a few bucks.

The domain Fidgetium.com was registered in late May, according to DomainTools.

And that’s a lesson right there about picking great domains when creating a new brand; the generics are far too weak to enforce as trademarks.

For some great-looking fidget spinners, visit Fidgetium.com.

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3 Responses to “Fidgetium spinners : How domain brands are made”
  1. My butler sold all of his domains to buy fidgets

  2. Eric Lyon says:

    I hope they constructed their fidgets better than the ones getting sued because they fall apart and children are choking on the parts. :p

  3. satyadeep singh says:

    Can you tell us how can i see all premium word and keyword list to create some brand like “fidget to become fidgetium”.

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