Final Score: The Frager Factor 2 – Hobbyist Blogger 0

Owen Frager - Image courtesy of

Popular domain blogger, Owen Fragger wrapped up a second solid punch yesterday – after being unjustly questioned about his motives by the followers of a blog whose URL he registered.

The operator of “God Hates Protesters”a seemingly popular photo blog about protest signs – called it quits and moved his collection of pinched photos to Facebook.

Attacked by anonymous commentators, Owen Frager noted:

“I have forwarded the domain names here and hope publication resumes. I’m also sorry that I lost my temper and acted out the way I’ve pledged not to do. But something about anonymous people who don’t know me making all kinds of statements “child molester” pulled the trigger.”

Seems that while Owen plays fair, it’s hard to convey an investor’s mentality to a crowd of people that want free fun and no substance.

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