Financial analysis: Domain asset holdings cost money

A new, scientific domain analysis conducted at several large metropolitan centers in north America and Europe, involved the participation of 12,000 domainers; the results are quite surprising, to say the least.


More than 99% of the domainer sample spent money to renew domains for years, resulting in cumulative expenses exceeding that of a single registration.

“Most domainers believe that domains make money when in fact they cost money,” said Professor Friedrich Zu of Munich, Germany.

“The notion that somehow, as if by magic, a domain will spontaneously generate cash, is a human fallacy displayed by most large group samples we have examined,” added Zu.

The study found that registering domain names actually costs money, a shocking discovery to many, who believe that domaining is the direct projection of medieval Alchemy.

“Some are still looking for the Philosopher’s Stone, that will turn domains into money-making web sites,” said Professor Friedrich Zu, adding: “Domainers are advised not to quit their day jobs any time soon, or during the better part of this century.”

Data from the full study will be published in August,  providing valuable insight on the psychological strata of domainers who fail to complete a domain sale, repeatedly.

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