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Finland ready to change its national ccTLD from .fi to .fu

Finland + Suomi = .FU

Finland + Suomi = .FU

Finland, the European country with the most moose per capita is going through major changes in cyberspace.

The newly-elected Pirate Party of Finland is planning to change the country’s allocated ccTLD, dot .fi.

Finland’s official name in the Finnish language is “Suomi” and the first thought was to apply for the .SU ccTLD.

Unfortunately, the dot .SU string was allocated to the former Soviet Union in 1990, after it was suggested by a then 19 year old Finnish student, no less.

By combining the “F” from “Finland” and the “U” from “Suomi” the new .FU ccTLD should appease both the far left and the far right political wings of Finland.

Dot .FU has extensive branding and marketing potential as well.

In many Western European languages, “FU” stands for “Friends United,” “Financial Union” or other less common words and phrases.

Finland’s domain rebranding will be a positive note in a year that ICANN disconnected itself from US control.

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2 Responses to “Finland ready to change its national ccTLD from .fi to .fu”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Hilarious! Glad they didn’t make that move for real.. :p

  2. Pblo says:

    Hi! is there any news about this? i really want a .fu domain!

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