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Firefox 26 brings ballsy changes to web content management

The new Firefox logo.

Firefox – a popular web browser – now at version 26.

Firefox 26 is out, and it brings some important changes that affect how web content is presented across the Internet.

Not only is the latest version slimmer and maintains a smaller memory footprint, but any content besides Flash and Silverlight is treated as optional.

The latest version treats plugins as potential “threats”, and that includes the once almighty Java: users will have to confirm a prompt when faced with a page that contains Java applets. This improves security tremendously, as Java has been ridden by security exploits in recent years. The same approach applies to other plugins as well.

Another improvement is the treatment of off-page images: unless they are within the viewable window, anything off your screen isn’t automatically expanded into your computer memory.

This approach speeds up page loading tremendously, not to mention the RAM savings that approach 50%.

You can download the latest version at Firefox.com.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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  1. Konstantinos Zournas says:

    Thanks Lucius.
    I just downloaded it.

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