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First Art secures shortest ‘Domain Hack’ possible in upcoming gTLD race!

First Art has secured a very short domain, F.ART

First Art, an arts and crafts store, art studio and art school in Tennessee, has secured the shortest possible ‘domain hack’ for their art business.

“Gone are the days that we’d fight tooth and nail to get a .com domain and end up paying thousands of dollars in extortion fees, I mean seriously why do that?” asks Lindsay Tompins, co-owner of First Art.

“So we reached out to the Dot .ART initiative and secured a very good deal for our domain, can’t wait for it to go live!” exclaimed Tompins.

As odd as it might seem, First Art are the new owners of F.ART, a domain name that is expected to raise plenty of eyebrows when printed on various materials.

The rolling out of F.ART will thus become the first single letter domain under the .ART gTLD.

Dot .Art is among the lucky new gTLDs that ICANN has authorized to begin spamming potential buyers around the Internet, pretty soon.

“We price our domains according to the anticipated surge of artists that will adopt .ART,” said Dot Art executive, Frances Baycon.

“Many up and coming artists and businesses will now seek single letter .ART domains as well, but that will be quite expensive”, added Baycon. “We will definitely sell D.ART and P.ART easily, but W.ART might be a little hard to sell,” said Baycon, smiling.

First Art is having a business gala on August 1st to celebrate the launch of F.ART with a new brand identity, designed by renowned web developer and pop culture artist, Anelle Gass.

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4 Responses to “First Art secures shortest ‘Domain Hack’ possible in upcoming gTLD race!”
  1. Brad Mugford says:

    LOL. Great article.


  2. DomainGang says:

    Brad – Nothing funny about art, it’s an elitist approach to life.

  3. RaTHeaD says:

    uh… just like in poker i gotta simply put you on a range of possibilities. is this true… is this satire… is it both… or neither. sometimes you just keep me guessin’.

  4. Kassey says:

    “end up paying thousands of dollars in extortion fees” Are they saying .art domain names will be very cheap?

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