First #domain spammer of 2019 : interfacetraders dot .com

The owners of, a Pakistani spam factory domain using Western contact names, is the first domain spammer of 2019.

Registered at GoDaddy, the mass email spammers’ domain is targeting email addresses via the WHOIS information.

These annoying phucksticks often use outdated databases to peddle dubious quality services such as SEO and logo design.

In an email with the “” address and the pseudonym of “Shelia D. Richey” the Pakistani spammers also use fake quotes, supposedly made by satisfied customers.

Says “Sarah:”

“The Logo Company exceeded my expectations with my logo design. They designed exactly what I wanted at a fraction of the cost of the other guys. I am very pleased with their work and have already recommended them to my friends in marketing. I will definitely continue to use The Logo Company in the future.”

Such fake quotes are a dime a dozen, and the spamming networks from Pakistan bombard domain owners at any given occasion, particularly at the beginning of the year.

Be careful when ordering such cheap and questionable quality services, as they often copy designs from other businesses, exposing their unsuspecting clients to potential litigation in the future.

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2 Responses to “First #domain spammer of 2019 : interfacetraders dot .com”
  1. ron says:

    Are these guys still using warehouses out of NJ as their mailing address, associated with Prakhar Bhindal?

  2. Web Evening says:

    Well, such spammers are common and since we’re talking about the first in 2019, yea they may be. People do anything to make money online. Their domain should be blocked.

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