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Five fun ideas about what Elon Musk might do with the domain X.com

Elon Musk spent an “X” amount of money to acquire the domain X.com from PayPal.

Although it’s ironic that the transaction didn’t involve making PayPal payments, the Media Options brokerage most likely ended up being a lucrative one; when acting on behalf of a buyer, a domain broker’s bonus is inversely proportional to the acquisition cost.

Domain investors should be aware that the deeper an entrepreneur’s wallet, the tighter the “wad” becomes. Investments by successful, well-off professionals involve careful, sensible spending.

Regardless of whether Elon Musk spent $3 million USD or $30 million USD to acquire the single letter domain, X.com, one thing is certain: he is going to have lots of fun with it.

Here are 5 fun ideas about what he could do with the domain X.com:

  • The obvious: Create the subdomain “space.X.com” as a tribute to his SpaceX corporation.
  • Set up a blog about his “ex” wives at “my.X.com”, one of which he married twice.
  • Attempt to grab adult traffic from sex.com using the “se.X.com” subdomain. 😀
  • Promote his Neuralink business and create a species of “X-Men” that are driven by AI.
  • Sell it back to PayPal for more than what he paid.

Whether the domain X.com will be used for something serious or fun, Mr. Musk will continue to grab news headlines; this 2002 piece of news comes courtesy of CNet.

Kudos to Jamie Zoch for being the first to uncover the status of X.com and to Elliot Silver who confirmed the sale via PayPal.

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