Five national #ccTLDs top the most #abusive top level #domain list for July 2018

Malware activity monitor, SpamHaus, keeps track of the number of bad domains spewing out spam, for every TLD, ccTLD and gTLD.

It then calculates a “badness ratio,” which is based on the number of registered domains among the domains seen, and it ranks the TLDs, generating ” The World’s Most Abused TLD” list.

Currently, as of today, five national ccTLDs hold the top spots on that top 10 list.

They are:

  • .GQ for the nation of Equatorial Guinea.
  • .CF for the nation of Central African Republic.
  • .ML for the nation of Mali.
  • .GA for the nation of Gabon.
  • .TK for the nation of Tokelau.

To be fair, all of these ccTLDs are being used as opportunistic destinations, managed by third parties on behalf of the nations they represent.

The full top ten list can be seen below:

View this information on SpamHaus.

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