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Flippa app : Available for Android and iOS devices for its domain marketplace!

Flippa, the domain marketplace from Down Under won’t rest on its laurels.

After introducing its own escrow a few weeks ago, the Flippa app is now available to download, for Android devices and iOS as well; the Android version is the new kid on the block.

It’s exactly what domainers that use their mobile devices while on the go need, in order to peruse, keep track, and bid on auctions!

“The Flippa app allows you to discover websites, domains and apps listed on the Flippa Marketplace. When you’re participating in an auction the app will notify you when your bid is accepted, when you are outbid, and when an auction you’re watching is nearing the end.

Sellers, you won’t be left out of the action. As a seller you’ll be notified each time the price on your listing goes up with a neat push notification, and prompted  when a new bidder sends in a bid application.”

Here are a few screenshots from the newly introduced Android version of the Flippa app below.


Flippa App on Android.


Flippa App on Android.


Flippa App on Android.


Flippa App on Android.


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