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Flippa domain auction : Why would you want to be a Cybersquatter?



The infamous ‘C’ word has been used by media around the world for a full two decades, to describe both the lawful possession and investment in domains, and the dark, infringing side of domaining.

Squatting on domain names is synonymous with the notion that somehow whoever registered a domain first has full rights to it; while there is a fine line between domain investing and cybersquatting, not everyone understands the difference.


Cybersquatter.com is currently on auction at Flippa, and there is a little bit of history behind this domain.

For a few years, the singular and the plural – Cybersquatters.com – were owned by a real estate agent, who put them up for sale on several occasions.

The current owner of Cybersquatter.com acquired it from that gentleman, for the price of $1,500 via GoDaddy auctions.

The Flippa auction has a BIN of $3,998 and a current bid of $408 with 11 days to go. If it were to sell now at BIN, it’d make a nice profit of almost $2,500 dollars to its owner.

Not too shabby for two week’s worth of ‘cybersquatting.’ Just kidding on that last part!

Meanwhile, one can buy Cybersquatters.com right now via GoDaddy, from the previous owner of Cybersquatter.com, for $1,500 dollars.

It’d really make more sense to own the plural, but then again, what would one do with a domain that carries such a negative reference to domain investing?

Update 5/16 : Looks like the seller upped his BIN price at Flippa, to $6,998 dollars. At the same time, the seller of Cybersquatters.com changed the sale from a fixed price to a Make an Offer auction. Coincidence? We don’t think so!

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