Flippa playa: Domain investor vows celibacy until first big sale of 2013

Suzy, girlfriend of Johnny "Adolf" Rebb Jr. will have to wait for his big sale.

Suzy, girlfriend of Johnny “Adolf” Rebb Jr. will have to wait for his big sale.

A domain investor, active on Flippa, has vowed to refrain from any and all sexual activity – until his first big sale of this year materializes.

Born and raised in Indiana, Johnny “Adolf” Rebb Jr. often flips domains for dozens of dollars, at the Australian domain marketplace.

“I’ve seen them big cheese domainers say the economy is improving, so I’m keeping the faith, one day soon my own star will surely shine,” says Johnny Rebb Jr., who uses the nickname “Adolf” on domain forums.

“I told my girlfriend, Suzie, baby, gotta concentrate on them domain sales, so no sex until I hit my peak at five figures!” exclaims Rebb.

Despite billions of dollars in losses for large manufacturers around the globe, there are signs that the economy is improving, particularly now that a conflict in Syria has been averted.

President Obama’s goal of creating 44 million jobs this year has fallen short, to the tune of 43.95 million yet to go until year’s end. However, domain investors believe that it’s quite possible to turn this bad economy around.

“We need less sex and more focusing on the domain industry, that’s why GoDaddy stopped turning male domainers on with them boobage homepages,” says Johnny “Adolf” Rebb Jr.

“And boy, when I do sell that $10,000 dollar domain name, Suzy better be all hot and bothered, cause I’m already building up some serious supply!” says Johnny “Adolf” Rebb Jr., chuckling.

If you see Johnny’s domains on Flippa, make sure you bid.

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