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Flippa recently announced the acquisition of Domain Holdings as its domain brokerage branch, and today they followed up with yet another piece of great news.

Until now, one would get a free second chance to relist their domain, if they didn’t sell the first time.

Going forward, all established web site, domain, and app auctions will receive free relisting until the assets get sold.


This is like eBay permitting unlimited relists of products until there is a sale!

This move by Flippa clearly shifts the paradigm in how domain auctions are managed, and creates a sticky “situation” for auction venues, such as Sedo.

We’ll have to update the status of the Flippa – Sedo comparison, it seems!

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2 Responses to “Flippa : Relist your domain, app or web site “for Free”, until it sells!”
  1. James Peterson says:

    Free this, free that. Too much free in this world! Back in my day….

    Just kidding! This is great, but they really need to figure out a way to keep the quality of the domains high with all these crap listings being able to be listed again without additional charge.

    What they should be doing is: you get to list for free if and only if you receive a bid above $X USD. This way, only the good domains are allowed to be relisted repeatedly until they sell. Otherwise, too much junk, not enough time, no interest.

  2. DomainGang says:

    James – I agree, quality matters, as much as non-infringing domains such as tm’s. But I think that Flippa is now offering more value for domain auctions than Sedo, and it clearly aims at establishing more sales. Sometimes good domains don’t sell the first couple of times they are listed. So Flippa would rather get a sale eventually, than nickel and dime the seller for a 3rd time’s fees. 😉

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