Florida domainers hunker down for hurricane Isaac

Florida domainers are among the toughest in the nation.

After the 2004 hurricane season that saw four hurricanes hitting Florida directly, three of which criss-crossed over Central Florida, there is nothing that we haven’t seen.

“I challenge Isaac, this p***y hurricane to attempt to disrupt us,” said Rick Schwartz from his Florida estate.

“Let me tell you folks, domainers don’t get beat and us Floridians aren’t scared by a few feet of rain. This is the Sunshine State!” exclaimed Rick Schwartz.

Meanwhile, TRAFFIC co-founder and IP attorney, Howard Neu noted:

“It’s definitely an attempt to reverse-hijack our lifestyle, property and established business. I would consider filing a pre-emptive lawsuit against the so-called ‘acts of God’ but I can’t find his current address. As domainers, we shall prevail, or it will be a class action lawsuit.”

Danny Pryor, web developer of the TRAFFIC web site was more concerned about other, more serious events:

“Who gives a **** about Isaac and hurricanes, this is piss-water here in Florida. What’s more important, is that my right brow finally got two grey hairs; the last bastion of manly blackness has surrendered.”

Tia Wood was hunkering down in her home office, not picking up the phones so we cannot be sure of her situation. She will most likely blog about the rain and wind tomorrow Monday.

The .CO team in Miami, was prepared for the onslaught from Isaac:

“We provide a brand and .CO is the best choice”, said Lori Anne Wardi of .CO. “With .CO domains you don’t have to worry about hurricanes, you become a hurricane of creativity yourself!” exclaimed Lori Anne.

Everyone else in Florida, stay high and dry! 😀

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